They Have Their Romantic Ways Too: American Cockroaches Engage in Courtship Rituals

Problem with cockroach is one of the most common among many households. To find the best ways to solve glitches with these pests, it is important to understand how cockroaches reproduce.

As with most animals, cockroach reproduction is a combination of eggs from a female and sperm from a male. In most cases, females emit pheromones to attract a male, and in some species, males fight over accessible females.

That explains the basic. Now, it is about time to look at cockroaches in a more romantic way. American cockroaches engage in courtship rituals before mating. The females make themselves attractive to males by raising their wings, exposing their integral membranes, expanding their genital chambers and releasing a pheromone that attracts males. This is called the calling position.

GERMANLet’s proceed on a more exciting part. Attracted males will then approach females and flap their wings in order to show their interest. Mating takes place when a male cockroach backs into a female cockroach to deposit sperm. The alarming thing that this romance can bring is that a female can produce thousands of cockroaches in one year.

After fertilization, a female American cockroach produces an egg case known as an ootheca. The female carries the ootheca on her abdomen for a day or two. She keeps it in a humid place. Nymphs develop within 38 days and complete their progress within six to 12+ months. And now you are wondering what do small cockroaches look like.

Cockroaches have oval-shaped bodies. When you touch their bodies, they’re really oily. They may be cool or warm- this thing depends on the temperature of their environment. The head of a cockroach is small and is covered by a shield-like pronotum. Male cockroaches are usually smaller than females. German cockroaches are brown and about 13 to 16 mm long while oriental cockroaches can grow to be much longer and are black in color.

German cockroaches are usually spotted at moist, warm areas. You can usually find them in your kitchen or bathroom, loitering next to the dishwasher or sink. They are also disreputably present in garbage. The best way to keep cockroaches out of your home is to keep it clean. Food has to be stored well, especially during holidays. You may also call a company for residential pest control that can provide monthly, quarterly or yearly services. Some reputable companies offer a free pest inspection.

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At War With Carpenter Bees?: Here are the Best Ways to Defeat Them

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees and bumble bee may look similar, but the two are different. They have similar body structure and coloring, but unlike their bee relatives, carpenter bees are usually not aggressive, but still, they can bring serious nuisance to your home. Only the female carpenter bee can sting, and will only do so when incited.

Carpenter bees are very interesting in that they will enter mainly unpainted softwoods. After munching a fairly tiny entry, the bees will chew another tunnel, some inches long at a ninety degree angle to the opening.  Here a female carpenter bee will lay eggs starting from the back then toward the gallery opening.

This article practically explains the best ways on how to deal with carpenter bees. Of course, there is no other option but to beat them.

  1. Create noise.

Carpenter bees are scandalously delicate to noise, which may in fact be a sensitivity to vibrations. Once you get a smart idea on where their dwelling is, set up a soundbox or boombox next to their prospective abodes to encourage them to leave. This particular method is certainly a safe one, plus you do not have to spend.

  1. Treat holes.

Products such as boric acid or any spray branded for flying insects will do the trick. Remember that timing is everything. The best time to treat active holes is at night time when bees are resting, or in early spring while they’re still sleeping.   Smear the spray or powder straight in the hole. Be sure that you kill the eggs and larva. If you cover the hole without finishing the job, the hatched carpenter bees will make numerous exit tunnels that can double the destruction triggered by the preliminary nest.

  1. Fill the abandoned holes.

When carpenter bees appear in spring and again in fall, block abandoned holes with a bit of steel wool, a portion of aluminum foil, a dowel and wood glue, or even caulk. Take note that carpenter bees return to their nest, so averting re-infestation is essential. Holes need to be sealed with materials that the bees cannot grind. Surface areas of past nesting spots have to be treated to prevent new nest. You may also call a company for residential pest control.  There are cheap pest control services that you can count on. Check out

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Powdery Facts About Powder Post Beetles

Have you heard of this tiny news? There’s a certain type of insect who loves feeding on woods. They’re so cute and tiny that you won’t recognize their presence until your home became powdered. Yeah. We’re talking about powder post beetles. Do you see wood dusts around your home? If so then start getting a resident pest management.


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A Healthy Guide to Eliminating Pests Safely

pest (1)Many households and commercial infrastructures in Florida are infested with cockroaches, mice and rats. Nobody wants to live with pests which makes such concern a serious one that has to be addressed well. These unwanted guest can cause a lot of trouble since they can cause food contamination and damage one’s properties. They may also cause allergies and asthma to members of the family. They can live in your carpets, furnitures and other surfaces in your homes. So what exactly is the best way to deal with the unwanted pests and make them out of your way forever?

  1. Clean up.

In order to safely get rid of pests and keep them from coming back to your homes, the most important thing that you have to do is to clean up. Reduce the clutter inside and outside your home and store them in sealed plastic bags and boxes. You may also find piles of newspapers, paper bags, cardboards and bottles that you can recycle. Also, you have to make sure that you clean all small appliances that can cause roach infestation. Cockroaches are usually found in warm, dark places, like in your toasters, countertop grills, microwave ovens, and clocks.

  1. Take care of the holes.

Check to see if your home has small cracks and holes where the pests can enter. Make sure that you fill the holes out and seal the cracks in your walls, floors, woodwork and around the tub, shower, and sink. Check your vents too. You can make use of mesh screens. Secure it with caulk or a staple gun.

  1. Pest-proof your food.

Do not attract the pests. Make sure that you store your food properly. Stock all boxed or loose food in containers that seal tautly like plastic,  glass or coffee cans.

  1. Choose a safe pest control.

Some of the properties that you’ll find in pesticides that are hazardous to pests can be dangerous to people,  pets and the environment as well. Choose pest control products and services from a pest control company in Florida that are proven safe and effective when it comes to the elimination of unwanted pests.

Important things that you should avoid are sprays and bombs. They spread everywhere and land on surfaces where people sit, prepare food, play, or eat. This can be very risky, especially for kids who play everywhere.

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Alarming Cockroach


Universal Pest Control can help you protect your home and business with outstanding pest control solutions. Our treatments are all environmentally friendly. Visit us now!

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How to Get Roaches, Ants and Bed Bugs Out of the Way

There are a myriad of pests to be on the lookout for and this means a serious amount of stress that you have to handle. While having pests at home can be unavoidable, the best thing that you should do now is to find the best solution to your problems with pests. You are left with a lot of options but you have to be very careful on your choice. Some may be really harmful for you, for the environment, your children or your pets. Luckily, you can get rid of these critters securely and naturally with some pretty easy home pest control methods for roaches, ants and bed bugs.

target bugs

target bugs

Roaches and Ants

Once you spot roaches, do a few things to keep them from having a party in your home. For roaches and ants, you can make use of boric acid. You are free to use it because it is environmentally-friendly but you need to make sure that you keep it really well. It has to be out of reach. You can place boric acid at high places like on top of your kitchen cabinets and appliances. These are great places to set the boric acid out. Aside from boric acid, you may also make use of catnip and other detergents. Catnip is non-toxic for kids or pets but works really effective in solving your problems with roach infestation.Spraying roaches with soap and water is also a great idea.

Bed Bugs

Let’s face it, bed bugs are just so gross. For the bed bugs on the other hand, the most Eco-friendly bed bug solution available is heat treatment. You can call a leading pest control company that offers such treatment.

Heat treatment brings the overall temperature of the affected area up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 90 minutes. This is enough to eliminate the bed bugs and their eggs. You just need to bag up all your clothing including the cloth furniture like mattresses and couches.

When you have finished the heat treatment, you should have an exterminator or bed bug treatment specialist re-inspect your home so you can make sure that bed bugs are no longer present to prevent re-infestation. Dealing with unwanted pests at home can be really frustrating but you need to be smart. Choose the best solution that are hard on pests but are safe for humans, pets and the environment.


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How to Get the Bugs Out of Your Way


Bug infestation is a serious thing. You may think that they are just bugs in the first place but the thing is the stress that they can bring is a serious thing. Your story that is related with bugs is for sure a horror story.

Bed bugs look reddish brown in color and range in size anywhere from one to seven millimeters. Their size, shape and color looks like an apple seed. The reason why they are called bed bugs is because they love to stay in bed. Make sure that you pull the back of the covers on your bed and examine the covers and pillows. You also need to check the seams and edges of the mattress, box spring and frame and behind the headboard. Bed bug fumigation with vikane is advisable. Vikane is pretty effective especially if it is used correctly.

If you think that you have encountered bed bugs at any point of you trip, be sure to thoroughly inspect your luggage before you get inside your home. You can do this outdoors or in the garage. Bed bugs are easier to see against lighter colors, and also have a difficult time crawling around on smooth surfaces. You must also make sure that you wash every piece of clothing that was in your suitcase on high heat and dry for a 30-minute minimum.

If you think that the problem with bugs had got worst already, you may call a professional pest control company that can help you. You do not have to experience painful bites from bed bugs before actually doing a thing about it. Of course, you also need to make sure that you keep your home clean. Poor hygiene is definitely a no-no. That will only attract the invasion of bed bugs and other kinds of unwanted pests.  Also,after buying new or used clothes be sure to throw them into a high heat dryer first. You may also avoid used furniture. Clutter provides a very good hiding place for them so be sure to always keep your home organized. Besides, if your home is filled with clutter you won’t be able to find all the hiding places for bed bugs. If you think that your home is filled with too much stuff, go and fix things. Save yourself from the terrible headache that the clutter can bring and live a life that is free of stress.

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