What is a Palmetto Bug?

Was there a chance that you were able to encounter a palmetto bug? This type of insect is widely known throughout Southern United States which is commonly seen on palmetto trees thus they were name after this tree. Studies show that over three thousand five hundred species of palmetto bugs have been identified throughout the globe.

To make you more familiar about this kind of pest that I am talking about, let me introduce a more common term for palmetto bugs. Palmetto bugs are actually cockroaches and by any other name, they are still cockroaches. In South Carolina, cockroaches that are smoky-brown are called palmetto bugs. They eat organic matter but they may also feed on almost anything. They generally live outdoors but most of them also love to enjoy getting in our rooms, kitchens, grocery stores, bakeries and a lot more.

Palmetto Bug

It may be interesting to know that there is another term associated with cockroaches. Most of us may hate encountering them and it is justifiable. What is actually unpleasant about having to deal with them is the possibility of them to carry serious kinds of diseases right in our homes. A pest control company understands that every home should be a safe place for families.

It is alarming that these kinds of insects may also invade our homes instead of just finding peace in palmetto tress. We may all agree that they cause panic when seen but the disadvantages are more than that. Palmetto bugs sadly pose a threat, not just a simple kind of threat but a serious health threat to us. It is very important that we get rid of them because they have the ability to transfer and carry out infectious bacteria that can cause diarrhea, dysentery and worst, these palmetto bugs can cause poisoning.  They are able to contaminate our food, utensils and surfaces in our homes by spreading germs. Not only that, they also excrete unpleasant odor that is seriously unhealthy for homes especially in our kitchens. Some people may even get allergies from these insects that is why a pest control in Florida was made efficient and fast in shooing them away from our homes and commercial establishments.

It is also important that we keep our homes free of trash to and keep things in order. There are wide array of products and services that we can choose from to get rid of these unwanted visitors at home. We have to be aware that palmetto bugs or cockroaches are nocturnal and that they reproduce at a high rate. It is amazing to know that an egg case can produce up to fifty more eggs. This insect lives up to a year. Such alarming facts, don’t they?

With the possible diseases that we may acquire due to the presence of palmetto bugs, it is imperative that we should act now to get rid of them. Cleanliness is a great defense against them. We also have to find the best product or service that we can turn to.

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