When Bed Bugs Come Along

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. We often hear and say this expression. However, simple may it sound, bed bugs are not as cute as we think. They sadly feed o our blood and that is surely not a good thing. While we are having sweet dreams, these bed bugs may already biting us and are sucking our blood. Bed bugs are a problem that we may be encountering not just in our homes but also in hotels and hospitals.

If ever you are not really familiar with how bed bugs look like or you just happened to see a bug one time and forgot how it looks like, it is actually reddish brown and it is about the size of an apple seed. Its shape is oval and it is flat. You may not often see them during the day because at daytime, they are hiding mostly in box springs, bed frames and headboards.

Bed Bugs

There are many causes of bed bugs in Florida. There are instances when that we can carry them home when we travel.  They might get it to our luggage and there is a great chance that we can bring them home. They can take their refuge not just on our luggage but in our clothes as well. If you know how fast a lady bug crawls, that is how fast a bed bug can. They can get in fats from floors to our room and from our clothes to our beds. They don’t really stay in our bodies. After they suck have a bloody meal by sucking our blood, they mostly stay in our clothes, beds or luggage. Some bugs feed themselves on bats or birds but many also love to feed on humans. We also often see them in our beds, inside our beddings and sleep areas.

Bed bugs in Florida can live in a clean or dirty environment. They actually don’t mind it that much. All they need is a host and places where they can hide. Even the most classy homes or hotel can have these bed bugs around so it is important that we make ourselves aware on the right ways to handle and get them away.

We commonly get skin rashes when we are bitten by a bed bug. Aside from the physical effect, being bitten by bed bugs may also have psychological effects. Bed bugs are continuously rising in number and they have been known as human parasites for many years now because they mainly feed on our blood.

We have to know the proper ways on how we can treat bed bugs and stop the itch it causes. We have to wash the bite with a mild soap and water. We may also put some lemon juice in the affected area. Some treat bugs with aloe plant gel for they believe that it contains antibiotic properties. We can try all these and we may also look for over the counter products that we can make use of. However, if the situation gets worse, it is important to see a doctor.

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