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Mosquitoes and their Impact to Our Health

Who wouldn’t know Dengue? It has been with the society since the 90th century and is still among news headlines today. This fatal disease is caused by no other than mosquitoes that are also considered as pests in houses and … Continue reading

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Fumigation as One of the Best Pest Control Method

Pests live together with human but from the time this fact has been known to man, the two never had a good relationship. Pests are commonly associated with diseases that are mostly epidemic and deadly. In Florida, the apparently negative … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Pest Infestation to Health

Pest infestations as we all know could bring us great destruction to our home, business area or within our community. Moreover, the destruction brought about by pest infestations does not limit itself in simply destroying our things but also imposes … Continue reading

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