Mosquitoes and their Impact to Our Health

Who wouldn’t know Dengue? It has been with the society since the 90th century and is still among news headlines today. This fatal disease is caused by no other than mosquitoes that are also considered as pests in houses and elsewhere. It is actually one of the greatest challenges that the World health Organization faces. Estimates of the worldwide rate of dengue infection range from 20 million to 100 million cases each year, with an estimated 24,000 cases leading to mortality annually. Who will not be alarmed by this fact?


Several cases of dengue were recorded in Florida, particularly in the Key West and of course we don’t wish for an outbreak to happen and cover other areas nearby. This is one reason why the existence of Florida pest control companies is important as they are helpful in preventing these tiny pests from spreading dengue.

Not all mosquitoes bit. In fact, it is only the female species that feeds from the blood of human and animals while the males just feed on nectar of flowers. However, this is not something that we should celebrate as it is possible that a mosquito that has no Dengue virus can acquire one from a person who is infected and then transmit it to another person. The dengue virus is easily transmitted and a bit can be the end of the victim’s life.

Among small communities including schools, health programs are conducted to improve awareness on this issue particularly, because not all are knowledgeable about the impact of this disease to the society. There are more cases of dengue on areas where people in the lower society live.

UPC which is a pest control company in Daytona Beach conducts fumigation to residential areas that is proven to be effective in driving away mosquitoes. Keeping our home clean is a big help to control the spread of dengue, however, it is still not enough because we can’t monitor equally all the aspects cleanliness in our home all the time so it is better that we contact a professional to work on our needs.

UPC is also known to be one of the most trusted pest control company in Flagler Beach. They modify your budget to suit your needs in keeping your home pest free. Sounds good? There is nothing more that can give you peace of mind than knowing these pests won’t be a problem to your health.

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