Pests at Your House and in Your Stomach

China is known to have a very rich culture and history. The country also serves very good dishes and one of the country’s prides when it comes to the food industry is noodles which fed a lot of people after World War II. But as time went on, it seems that it has been a part of the countries tradition to give some thrill in the kitchen through exotic dishes. Would you take rat for a meal? Gross as it may sound to you but definitely, it is one of the dishes served in many places in China.


Rats are considered as pests and are distractive to properties. Knowing that we are all familiar with these rodents, they should not be eaten. They live in warm, unsanitary places and feed on almost anything thus are not safe for human consumption. They might have eaten poisonous substances that may poison us too. In the principle of biomagnifications, the toxicity level of a substance becomes higher as it is passed through different consumers in the food chain.

In fact, it is not only these rodents that became a well known dish among the Chinese people and other races but there are also some insects and other exotic animals like frog, scorpion, and roaches. In Florida, pest control companies are executing special approach to eliminate rodents from houses. And they advise not eat these creatures as they can bring diseases. The toxic chemicals in the pesticides that penetrate the body of these animals can cause death.

Although the world provides us everything that we need, it doesn’t mean that everything in it is meant for human consumption. We should think and limit ourselves to the things that we can touch to keep us safe from harm. There are chances when people put themselves in danger out of curiosity but curiosity kills the cat. This means that we should know when what we are doing is over.

The same principle applies to the companies in Florida offering pest control services. They believe in keeping their clients safe from both pests and pesticides.  The services they provide are modified to suit your needs and make your home pest – proof free.

Not all living creatures can be eaten. Our system is designed for specific functions and there are only specific needs so be careful with what you eat.

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