Itch in Your Ear? Careful, It Might be a Pest Problem

Do you constantly look over your shoulder or the ceilings to check for some creepy crawlers that might somehow play a nice little trick on you by sitting on top of your head? Are you afraid at night when the lights are turned off that somehow something might come out of the dark to haunt you in your sleep? Are you frightened of these little monsters that walk silently in the night? I can absolutely tell you that you are right in taking extra precaution.


Why? Urban Legend says that these monsters can come out of nowhere and take over your system or decide out of their better judgment to take residency in your body. Well, one of my worst fears came true as I read an article one day. I have decided to share this to our readers, in hope that everyone will take pest problems seriously. Coming from a person who has had Arachnophobia since childhood, this news on the Internet struck me as gruesome and utterly devastating.

In an article published over the Internet by the last August 10, 2012, it was reported that a doctor from the China’s Changsha Central Hospital was consulted by a Chinese woman due to an ear problem. The woman, who was not named in the report, went to the doctor complaining of consistent itchiness in her ear. She had no idea what was causing it and was annoyed with the itchy inconvenience.

The doctor had found the problem and had to tell the distraught woman her issue. She arrived at China’s Changsha Central Hospital located at 161 Shaoshan Nanlu, Changsha, China for her checkup, probably expecting to be given a prescription drug to cure her ailment only to find out something more frightening than that.

The Chinese woman soon learned the real cause of her itchy inconvenience. The medical team inserted a tiny camera into the woman’s ear revealing a spider. She learned that an arachnid had crawled into her ear canal and couldn’t get out. To make things even more horrid was the fact the doctors believed the arachnid had been living in her ear for the past five days.

Thank God for modern medicine, it is easier now to find out the cause of our discomforts. They even had a chance to take a picture of the little creature. It had 4 eyes, two big ones in the center and two small ones on each opposite end. I started squealing in discomfort as I was reading the original article and had to take my eyes away from the 2 pairs of eyes, staring back at me, in the picture showcasing the little monster.

Talk about a very stubborn creature. With no cooperation from the spider, the medics who had planned on using handy dandy tweezers to remove the arachnid from the woman’s ear had to find an alternative solution. The doctors feared that the creature might bite the patient if they proceeded with the tweezers solution.

Instead, a saline solution was poured by Dr. Liu Shen and his colleagues into the woman’s ear. They had to wait for the spider to leave on its own after the saline procedure was done. They were all relieved to find out after some tests that the spider did not lay any eggs. No news as to the whereabouts of the said spider or of it lives still today.

And so as the famous childhood nursery rhyme goes by Mother Goose: “Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey; along came a spider that sat down beside her, and frightened Miss Muffet away.” To be honest if Little Miss Muffet lived in the 21st century, I’d bet she would use her IPhone to call a pest company immediately and would not let that little arachnid crawl away.

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