Bees: Friends or Foes?

Early August this year, bees were reportedly removed from a family’s backyard due to the death of a loved one.
The family suffered a huge loss when hundreds of thousands of bees, reportedly killed the family’s dog, Ace.
Pet owners in the United States were alarmed of the incident. Is the backyard safe for your family members and pets? This was a question asked by many, as a family in North Houston moved to have the bee population removed from their backyard.
World-wide bees are reportedly declining, along with other pollinating insects namely butterflies, moths and hoverflies, among others. Governments have become concern of the possible impact to gardens, parks, countryside and the over-all impact to our food supply. When bees are removed from their natural habitat or eradicated for whatever reason, other dangers occur. The Rodriguez family, after suffering the loss of their family member, only wanted peace of mind as they had the bees removed for their own safety.


The attack happened last August 1, 2013 in the vicinity of Coach Road, near Imperial Valley Drive and Aldrine Bender Road. The family patriarch was busy mowing his son’s backyard when he heard the family dog barking. Ace was reportedly tied up, as Manuel Rodriguez Sr. worked the yard.

“Ace was tied up here and he was over here,” Manuel Jr. said. He heard him barking so he brought him some water. He heard him barking and yelping again and he saw the bees.

“I mean—I had seen a couple before but I didn’t think it was anything to this extent,” Manuel Jr. said.
The bees were living in a large oak tree in the backyard. The Rodriguez family, had knowledge of the bee colony in their yard, never imagined they would attack. Rodriguez Sr. tried to get the bees off their dog, Ace. He tried pulling him down the street but it was unfortunately too late.


Manuel Rodriguez Sr. said he went inside to tell his grandson, Isaac, the ill-fated incident.

“My grandpa said the dog is dead,” Isaac commented in an interview. “I opened the door to get a better look.” Isaac recalled that he walked outside to see a limping Ace in the yard. “I loved that dog,” said Isaac. “I was thinking ‘man I didn’t want Ace to die like this.’”

Manuel Rodriguez Sr., interviewed by KHOU 11 news, was brought to the hospital for bee stings and was reportedly able to get out of the hospital after a few days. 15 feet of bees were removed from the tree trunk along with 250-pounds of honey, reported by the pest company hired for that purpose.

Bees play an important part in our ecosystem. Important factors have been raised by governments which attributed to the bee population decline, mainly the extensive use of pesticides, loss of habitat and agriculture. So before you decide to remove bees from your own backyard, stop and think if it is worth it. If it poses a danger to your family, yes. Call professional help immediately. We can both care for our environment and our family, by taking extra precaution in the removal of pests from our own backyard.

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