Natural Approach to Your Unwanted Guests

The appearance of pests and insects is one of the most irritating situations to deal with. The best way to deal with these unwanted pests and insects is through the natural approach. That way, you can shoo the unwanted visitors without putting the environment and the health of the people around at risk. So instead of purchasing chemicals, it is better to look for items in your kitchen that you can use so you can get rid of the pests without bringing toxins into your homes. You can just check in your kitchen, refrigerator or in the pantry for effective pest control home remedies. Here are some of the best ways to deal with each kinds of pest.


1. Mosquitoes

To get rid of mosquitoes, you can try a bit of rosemary. Sprinkling some rosemary onto the coals will create a scent that will repel the mosquitoes. If you are out grilling some hamburgers, that will be the best time to sprinkle the rosemary to the coals. That is a fun way to hit two birds at the same time.

You can also try to plant a bed of marigolds because it repels bugs naturally as well. You also have to get rid of all the stagnant water around the house so you will not attract the mosquitoes.


2. Cockroaches
You can repel the cockroaches by sprinkling some boric acids in the cupboards. You have to know where the cockroaches frequently go. And then you have to spread some catnip in the corners where the cockroaches are. They hate the smell of catnips so they will surely run away. If you see a cockroach, move fast and spray it with soapy water and kill it on contact.


3. Ants
Nobody wants pesky ants. You can prepare a spray bottle filled with water and dish detergent to spray those ants away. Bitter cucumbers repel ants. You also have to trace where they are coming from and once you do, you have to pour a line of cayenne pepper in front of the entry point. Garlic and lemon juice will also do.

These are cheap pest control that you can try. These will save your money from buying chemicals that can bring negative effects to humans and in the environment as well. In case you feel like your actions are not working, it must be the time to call professional pest control companies for help.

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