Do it Yourself: Mothballs as Pest Control

When you are dealing with pests in your place you may use some simple ways to get rid of them. Aside from hiring a pest control company, you can also make your own way of eliminating them. This method of cheap pest control can be as simple as buying a box of mothballs. In this way, you can save more money and time doing the process by yourself.

Moth Balls

Mothballs are effective for fleas especially if you place several of them in a vacuum cleaner bag. You have to vacuum rugs and carpet where fleas usually thrive. You can also vacuum sofa cushions if you have an attachment. Discard the old bag outside to avoid fleas laying their eggs into it. Mothballs work by killing the fleas with their fumes. Mothballs are also effective as rat killer under your sink or closet. You can put pieces of it in old container or old butter bowl to repel rat from your place. The only problem with using the mothballs is their smell so they should be used in proportion to the number of pests in your house.

Mothballs are also effective for yard snakes. Use mothballs under the house or in the attic to get rid of snakes. You can put a container with several mothballs in the correct location a day ahead of time. This type of chemical can greatly help you in dealing with different pests in your house. Instead of hiring a Florida pest control company, you can do it yourself with the use of simple chemicals found in your place.

Pest infestation is really a problem when it comes to our security and safety. Pests may thrive anywhere from our own abode to our garden destroying our plants and properties. With the use of simple chemicals, we can effectively deal with them without paying much money. You just need to research for useful chemicals and their specific target pests. Utilizing our own resources can help us broaden our knowledge and skills in dealing with pests and other insects that can cause us harm and damage.

The use of different chemicals may also be accompanied by safety on the part of the user. They must be used cautiously as they may pose health threats and danger especially to children. Pest control is as simple as making use of the available materials in your place without having to spend much for it.

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