Include Flowers as Natural Pest Controllers

Has it ever occurred to you that flowers can also be natural pest controllers? Aside from the good and attractive look that they may give to your garden or yard you can also benefit from them by driving away insects that can infect your plants. Depending on a particular flower and a specific pest or insect, this method may serve as a cheap pest control for you.

Flowers as Natural Pest Controllers

Select a particular area in your yard. In this case, you should be able to avoid areas that are especially for recreations like swimming pool or areas where you usually receive your guests. Create a perimeter for smaller yards. Then group the pest-fighting flowers in a way that will effectively control pest infestations in your yard. This will depend on what kinds of pests are plaguing you.

Choose specific flowers that have the ability to repel insects. You also have to know the particular type of insects that infests your yard. In this way, you can plan better for the method that you have to apply for your garden.

Queen anne’s lace, as a pest control, is good for leaf-eating insects. This is beneficial if you have vegetables in your yard like eggplants, tomatoes, or squash. The flowers of the Queen anne’s lace will attract more small insects which eats leaf-eating caterpillars.

The colorful daisy family is good for ladybugs which love to munch on mites and aphids that can destroy your garden. On the other hand, black-eyed susans and asters are also good for lacewings and hover-flies that particularly eat aphids. Aside from the Marigold’s beautiful orange color, its fragrance can also repel moles and drive away mosquitoes.You may also choose sunflowers as they particularly attract pirate bugs which dine on white flies.

Buying castor oil plants may help in fighting moles. They resemble flowers with their reddish-colored seed heads and large leaves. However, you must also be cautious as this plant is poisonous if accidentally ingested by children.

Incorporating flowers to your yard, as natural pest controllers, will not only help you deal with insects and pests in your place. They will also provide you a good atmosphere and a good look at your garden or yard.

The use of plants as pest controllers is a great help without using chemicals that can potentially affect our environment. They serve as natural pest controller and they add beauty and good ambiance to our surroundings.

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