Household Pests that May Be the Root Cause of Your Allergies

Household Pests

Are you getting really frustrated with your allergies lately? Well, you’d better go and see a doctor or dermatologist as soon as you can. He can help you with the treatment of allergies and he can give you the best advices so you can get well. But aside from knowing the treatment that you should pursue, you also have to know the cause of your allergies so you can at least stay away from the roots. Maybe it’s the irritating pests at home that bring the allergies. If you or someone you know is suffering from allergies, the following are some of the many pests in your home that may cause the allergies.


Mice are usually seen on the attic, crawlspace, wall and basement. They also love to play in the evening when nobody is around. The urine of mice is dangerous and end up lurking on your counters without being seen. They also feces inside the walls and can also cause problems for allergy sufferers. The best thing that you should do so you can solve your problem with mice is to seal your food tightly and take your trash outside before you go to bed.

Mites and Fleas

Both of these critters can cause a severe allergic reaction. Make sure that you vacuum your floors regularly. Even though mite species cannot be removed totally from your home, frequent housekeeping will definitely help a lot.


Roaches may also be the cause of your allergy. Common reactions to roaches are skin rashes and asthma attacks. While they roam around, they leave behind their germs, saliva and feces on your counters. Just like mice, you also have to eliminate the trash and anything that could attract the roach to come into your home. You can prevent roach infestation by covering up the openings where they can enter.

If one of these pests is causing you stress, the best thing for you now is to speak to a formidable company for pest control in Florida that can help you. Your health and the health of your family is the most important thing so you need to pay keen attention. Do not wait until it is too late. Act now and save yourself and your precious ones from the health threats that these pests can cause. Enjoy a home without unwanted guests lurking inside. You deserve a safe environment, don’t you?

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