How to Get the Bugs Out of Your Way


Bug infestation is a serious thing. You may think that they are just bugs in the first place but the thing is the stress that they can bring is a serious thing. Your story that is related with bugs is for sure a horror story.

Bed bugs look reddish brown in color and range in size anywhere from one to seven millimeters. Their size, shape and color looks like an apple seed. The reason why they are called bed bugs is because they love to stay in bed. Make sure that you pull the back of the covers on your bed and examine the covers and pillows. You also need to check the seams and edges of the mattress, box spring and frame and behind the headboard. Bed bug fumigation with vikane is advisable. Vikane is pretty effective especially if it is used correctly.

If you think that you have encountered bed bugs at any point of you trip, be sure to thoroughly inspect your luggage before you get inside your home. You can do this outdoors or in the garage. Bed bugs are easier to see against lighter colors, and also have a difficult time crawling around on smooth surfaces. You must also make sure that you wash every piece of clothing that was in your suitcase on high heat and dry for a 30-minute minimum.

If you think that the problem with bugs had got worst already, you may call a professional pest control company that can help you. You do not have to experience painful bites from bed bugs before actually doing a thing about it. Of course, you also need to make sure that you keep your home clean. Poor hygiene is definitely a no-no. That will only attract the invasion of bed bugs and other kinds of unwanted pests.  Also,after buying new or used clothes be sure to throw them into a high heat dryer first. You may also avoid used furniture. Clutter provides a very good hiding place for them so be sure to always keep your home organized. Besides, if your home is filled with clutter you won’t be able to find all the hiding places for bed bugs. If you think that your home is filled with too much stuff, go and fix things. Save yourself from the terrible headache that the clutter can bring and live a life that is free of stress.

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