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They Have Their Romantic Ways Too: American Cockroaches Engage in Courtship Rituals

Problem with cockroach is one of the most common among many households. To find the best ways to solve glitches with these pests, it is important to understand how cockroaches reproduce. As with most animals, cockroach reproduction is a combination … Continue reading

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At War With Carpenter Bees?: Here are the Best Ways to Defeat Them

Carpenter bees and bumble bee may look similar, but the two are different. They have similar body structure and coloring, but unlike their bee relatives, carpenter bees are usually not aggressive, but still, they can bring serious nuisance to your … Continue reading

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Powdery Facts About Powder Post Beetles

Have you heard of this tiny news? There’s a certain type of insect who loves feeding on woods. They’re so cute and tiny that you won’t recognize their presence until your home became powdered. Yeah. We’re talking about powder post … Continue reading

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A Healthy Guide to Eliminating Pests Safely

Many households and commercial infrastructures in Florida are infested with cockroaches, mice and rats. Nobody wants to live with pests which makes such concern a serious one that has to be addressed well. These unwanted guest can cause a lot … Continue reading

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Alarming Cockroach

Universal Pest Control can help you protect your home and business with outstanding pest control solutions. Our treatments are all environmentally friendly. Visit us now!

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How to Get Roaches, Ants and Bed Bugs Out of the Way

There are a myriad of pests to be on the lookout for and this means a serious amount of stress that you have to handle. While having pests at home can be unavoidable, the best thing that you should do … Continue reading

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How to Get the Bugs Out of Your Way

Bug infestation is a serious thing. You may think that they are just bugs in the first place but the thing is the stress that they can bring is a serious thing. Your story that is related with bugs is … Continue reading

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