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At War With Carpenter Bees?: Here are the Best Ways to Defeat Them

Carpenter bees and bumble bee may look similar, but the two are different. They have similar body structure and coloring, but unlike their bee relatives, carpenter bees are usually not aggressive, but still, they can bring serious nuisance to your … Continue reading

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Powdery Facts About Powder Post Beetles

Have you heard of this tiny news? There’s a certain type of insect who loves feeding on woods. They’re so cute and tiny that you won’t recognize their presence until your home became powdered. Yeah. We’re talking about powder post … Continue reading

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The Right Help For Your Pest Problem

If you are experiencing repetitive pest attack then your ordinary pest treatment just don’t work. Look for the best service against pest infestation. Visit Universal Pest Control now!

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Protect Your Family, Call Florida Pest Control Company Now

A big, modern, and well-secured house is not yet a guarantee of absolute safety. Some of your worst enemies need not be locked out because they are already in. They are the ants, cockroaches, spiders, flies, bugs, and fleas that … Continue reading

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Itch in Your Ear? Careful, It Might be a Pest Problem

Do you constantly look over your shoulder or the ceilings to check for some creepy crawlers that might somehow play a nice little trick on you by sitting on top of your head? Are you afraid at night when the … Continue reading

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